Black Rock Incense



Key Features:

  • Origin: Exclusively wild harvested from the pristine Malnad region.
  • Sustainability: Extracted directly from the primary rainforests, with a strong commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.
  • Ingredient: Made from the precious tree resin of Canarium Strictum, known as Black Dammar.
  • Aroma: Delight in its light and subtle aroma. Far from being overwhelming, it is the definition of tranquility.
  • Mood Enhancing: Recognized for its potent properties, Black Dammar is celebrated to alleviate feelings of rumination, sadness, and melancholy.
  • Transformative Ambiance: Introduce your space to an aura of safety, clarity, serenity, and peace. Elevate your environment instantly with just one light.
  • Purposeful Purchase: Every purchase goes beyond the product. By choosing Black Rock Incense, you directly contribute to wilderness revival initiatives.

Packaging & Waste Management: Our Earth-first approach prioritizes the planet’s well-being. We urge you to reuse the packaging and ensure that any waste finds its way to composting. Together, we can ensure a sustainable future.

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1000gm, 500gm


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