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F.E.R.A.L Sustainable Living
Apprenticeship/Mentorship (Online)


Duration: 1 Year (3-month minimum commitment)

Fee: ₹65,000 INR – ₹100,000 INR (Sliding Scale)

  • Education: Minimum bachelor’s degree (Exceptional undergraduates will also be considered).
  • Interests: Passion for natural history, ecology, wildlife, botany, environmental sciences, and related fields.
  • Preferred Background:Degree in natural or environmental sciences.
  • Language: Fluency in English is required.

  • Teaching/Guiding: Teaching or guiding experience is preferred.
  • International Experience: Experience living abroad is preferred.
  • Attitude: Enthusiastic attitude and strong work ethic.
  • Flexibility: Adaptability to varying working environments and schedules.

  • Initiative: Strong initiative and ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Physical Fitness: Excellent mental and physical condition.
  • Availability: Availability by distance for a minimum of six months.

  • The values we live by

    What to Expect:

    Tailored Curriculum: A sequential curriculum tailored and paced to your needs. Innovative

    Learning: A non-linear ‘flipped learning’ approach modeled on living systems.

    Modular Structure: Four 3-month long modules with assessments at the end of each.

    One-on-One Interaction: 24+ hours of one-on-one video discussions.

    Instruction Medium

    Due to the limited face-to-face component of this program, maintaining strong connections is essential to success.

    Participants are encouraged to:
    Exchange emails at least once a week.
    Engage in up to 4-hour long video conversations per month.
    Complete all course work deliverables.

    Our Program Objectives:



    Empower individuals genuinely interested in creating a more resilient and regenerative world.


    Living Laboratory

    Enable the creation of a "living laboratory" for experiential education through progressive learning and daily practice of various skills.



    Inspire and enable individuals to continue developing creative solutions and generate positive social change and regenerative practices in their lives and communities after they leave.


    Farm Management

    Simulate a framework to prepare capable individuals to help manage and caretake a farm during the Core Team's absence (assume two to three months of the year).


    Post-Apprenticeship Support

    Provide post-apprenticeship support for up to 3 years through our networks.

    Complete this questionnaire to apply for the apprenticeship program. Your responses will help us assess your suitability for the program.