Our Journey

A Wholistic Approach

Roots of F.E.R.A.Lways:

Our story is one of exploration, and adaptation of the principles of permaculture. At F.E.R.A.Lways, we take pride in our commitment to genuine and sustainable practices, and it all starts with our approach.

Global Perspective:

We approach every project with an earth centric view. We don’t confine ourselves to a single set of rules, disciplines, or techniques. Instead, we carefully select the most fitting tools for each unique circumstance. Our goal is to align these tool-kit with our charter, your objectives, and your expectations with the utmost integrity.

Beyond Sustainability:

Mere sustainability is hardly a worthy goal. Through the lens of antifragility, we seek to transform dwindling communities and ecosystems into vibrant, regenerative forces. To achieve this, we’ve scoured the planet for the best, most practical, cost-effective agricultural and living systems that can lead you, your land, and our planet to abundance – with ease.

Family and World View: Nurturing Relationships

The Heart of Our Work: Family, both immediate and global, is at the core of our being. It’s the anchor that grounds us, fuels our passion, and drives our work. We prioritize family values and seek to collaborate with those who share our commitment to building the futures we want to live in.

Getting Things Done: We’re not just dreamers; we’re doers. We thrive in productive environments, and we’re at our best when working alongside others who share our enthusiasm and passion. Our work isn’t just a job – it’s a way of life.

Building Resilient Futures

Our Purpose: At F.E.R.A.Lways, we’re driven by a singular purpose — to maintain creative, intergenerational family and community lives built around regenerative and profitable production, management, and educational systems.

Top 10 Outcomes:
Our goals reach far beyond individual projects. We aim to:

  1. Create stable environments with sound watersheds.
  2. Restore profitability through integrated and regenerative agricultural development and management.
  3. Re-establish riparian and littoral areas.
  4. Develop viable decentralized autonomous energy production systems.
  5. Improve water, soil, and vegetation resources in cities, industry, and agriculture.
  6. Prevent the waste of financial, human, and natural resources.
  7. Increase wildlife species and the stability of populations.
  8. Restore local, regional, and global mineral and water cycles.
  9. Provide value to our collaborators, participants, clients, and communities.
  10. Embed Holistic Decision Making Frameworks and Design & Planning principles within education systems, communities, and organizations.

Farm Planning:

Practical Layouts: Our plans and documentation are more than just blueprints. They are a culmination of a lifetime of work in the field and the hands-on experience of developing and managing diverse systems. Our aim is to provide cost-effective, easy-to-understand, and practical guidance to those who seek to revive the land.

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