Artisanal Coffee Powder



Introducing India’s Legendary Brews:

  • Single Origin: Hailing from the picturesque Manjarabad Region, our shade-grown mixed polyculture coffee stands testament to the unrivaled taste of authenticity.
  • Altitude Advantage: Grown at an elevation of 1000masl, amidst the calming shade of native rainforests and woodlands, our beans capture the essence of their surroundings.
  • Roast: Medium roasted to perfection, we’ve ensured that each whole bean reaches you minimally processed, preserving the freshness right until it fills your cup.
    Monsooned Versions: For those seeking a deeper dive into complex flavors, experience the enhanced aroma and richness of our monsooned blends for an additional Rs 100/kg.
  • A Purchase with Purpose: Elevate your coffee experience knowing that every purchase aids wilderness revival initiatives.

Packaging & Sustainability: A token of our commitment to Earth — kindly reuse the packaging. And remember, waste from our product can be composted, promoting a greener, healthier planet.

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Mass Market Blend, Speciality Blend, Plantation Blend, Connoisseur Blend


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