WHOLE SYSTEMS: Holistic Planning & Implementation

WHOLE SYSTEMS: Holistic Planning & Implementation We believe in providing value, transparency, and empowerment. Our ‘Onsite Farm Planning Meetings’ are custom-tailored to align with your vision and needs. With the ‘Yeoman’s Scale of Permanence’ and ‘Holistic Decision Making Framework’, our projects consider every facet of the land. Clients often seek improved functionality and enhanced site […]

FORESTS: The Breath of Earth

FORESTS: The Breath of Earth From the dense canopy of native forests to the productive stretch of food gardens, we ensure every planting breathes life, purpose, and biodiversity into the land. Plant Selection: Lists curated by biome, emphasizing local climate and soil compatibility. Planting Plans: Succession-focused strategies tailored to resource availability. Earthworks & Species Selection: […]

WATER: Nature’s Pulse

WATER: Nature’s Pulse Water, in all its forms, is the foundation of life and the heart of our designs. Our aim is to make water abundant, self-sustaining, and a beacon of regeneration. Roof Water Harvesting: Maximizing rain capture, with storage solutions and vendor connections. Groundwater Recharge: Diagnostics for existing aquifers, placement for recharge wells, and […]

Designing with the Wild in Mind

Designing with the Wild in Mind In our journey through permaculture design, we’ve come to deeply respect the timeless wisdom of the wilderness. By slowing running water, spreading the crawling, and embracing the stillness of soaking water, we pave the way for abundant ecosystems. It’s a dance with nature, and we’re here to lead, learn, […]